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Sinatra - Vegas: DVD & 4 CD collection of Frank's unreleased live Vegas recordings (2006). Includes essay, "Thrill and Longing in Las Vegas", by Phill Sawyer Coverage: interactive cinema by Jan Millsapps, Mill Valley Film Festival (2002). Sound Design by Phill Sawyer
Voyage: David Crosby (2006). 3 CD collection. Selections recorded/mixed by Phill Sawyer Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Original Film Soundtrack, music by Denny Zeitlin (1979). Associate Producer, Phill Sawyer
Music for Film: Jon English and the Bay Area Jazz Composers Orchestra. Selections produced by Phill Sawyer (1994); selections recorded and mixed by Phill Sawyer at Skywalker Ranch (1989) In Xanadu: Larry Reed and Shadow Play Theater. The Public Theater, NYC (1994); Cowell Theater, San Francisco (1994); Theater Artaud, San Francisco (1993). Sound Design by Phill Sawyer
All the Vermeers in New York: feature film directed by Jon Jost. PBS American Playhouse (1990). Music recording and mixing, and rerecording mix by Phill Sawyer
Jefferson Starship - The Collection:
(1992). Includes "XM" composed and performed by Paul Kantner, Phill Sawyer, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart
Hot Summer Winds: feature film written and directed by Emiko Omori. PBS American Playhouse (1991). Rerecording mix by Phill Sawyer