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Cactus: theatrical musical written by Mary Alice Fry and Phill Sawyer; Music and Lyrics by Phill Sawyer (with Michael Charnes and Candace Natvig). York Theater (1988); Julian Theater (1987); New Performance Gallery (1986)

A Smile You Can Hear: produced by Gene Thomas for PacBell. Winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Award for excellence in corporate film production (1988). Sound Design by Phill Sawyer
Marshland: George Marsh, with Mel Graves and Jose Najera (1982). Recorded and mixed by Phill Sawyer Hold On, It's Coming: Country Joe MacDonald (1970).  Selections recorded by Phill Sawyer
David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas: David Grisman (1984). Selections recorded and mixed by Phill Sawyer The Wanderers: feature film directed by Phil kaufman (1979). Music Production Coordinator, Phill Sawyer
The Next Heat: Sportdance program, Footloose Dance Company (1984). A dance work for solo dancer and prepared tape by Phill Sawyer The Rounder Christmas Album - Must Be Santa: Various Artists (1998). Selections recorded and mixed by Phill Sawyer
Joy of Cooking: Joy of Cooking (1970). All music recorded and mixed by Phill Sawyer