"This is THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME and I say that without reservations in my capacity as both a writer and a person... it's the album the MC5 never did make but almost coulda." - Richard Meltzer, Circus Magazine

"... the recording sounds a bit flat and muddy... (and who fell in love with the panning control while they were mixing?)... the engineering sometimes lets them down ..." - Mark Deming, American Music Guide

Produced by Richard Robinson
Recorded by Ralph Moss, Richard Olsen and Phill Sawyer
Mixed by Ralph Moss
Recorded at Pacific High Studios, San Francisco
Released in 1970 on Kama Sutra;
reissued in 1990 on Big Beat (UK)
  1. Gonna Rock Tonite (Loney, Jordan)
  2. Comin' After Me (Loney, Jordan)
  3. Headin' for the Texas Border (Loney, Jordan)
  4. Sweet Roll Me On Down (Loney, Jordan)
  5. Keep a Knockin' (Pennyman)
  6. Second Cousin (Loney)
  7. Childhood's End (Loney, Jordan)
  8. Jailbait (Loney)
  9. She's Falling Apart (Loney, Jordan)
  10. Roadhouse (Loney, Jordan)