Right after we completed these recordings, Rolling Stone published two back-to-back issues containing a powerful and devastating expose of the Lyman Family. Somehow the fact that I had been interviewed (only a short, tepid excerpt was published) became part of the provocation for a tense encounter that was then recounted vividly in the second issue. I liked Jim and we got

along well together during the recording sessions. And though I was a dinner guest at their communes both in San Francisco and the Eastman Estate villa in Hollywood, I never entertained the thought of becoming a Lyman Family member.

(from Rolling Stone - Jan 6, 1972)
"...Phill Sawyer remembered a similar encounter that happened after the session.
"Jim and Mel came in to give me the album credits," he said. "They told me to put down 'Mixed by Phill Sawyer, Produced by Richard Herbruck.' I said, 'Who's that?' There hadn't been any producer in the studio. But they insisted I put it down anyway."

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