Here is a 1971 photo of the Pacific High Recording (PHR) recording/mixing board. This is where Side Two of "Blows Against the Empire" was mixed just a few months earlier and where I had recorded and mixed the Airplane's "Mexico". This is also where the Grateful Dead's "Aoxomoxoa" was mixed and where the milestone "Working Man's Dead" was recorded and mixed; Quicksilver's "Shady Grove" was done here -recorded by ace engineer Bob Shumaker, and this is where I mixed the classic Commander Cody "Lost in the Ozone" album, the first "Joy of Cooking" album, the Congress of Wonders "Revolting" album, and "Titanic" for the "Sunfighter" album
(I mixed almost all the rest of the "Sunfighter" album at Heider's).
Phill Sawyer